Caring For Your Art

These helpful hints will help protect and preserve your fine art collection

  • Store art in a cool dry place.
  • Store flat, between acid-free boards or in acid-free print sleeves.
  • Remove any tissue paper that does not have a waxy feel.
Never store art between cardboard. Be sure to remove any brown craft paper print(s) may have been wrapped in. Both are highly acidic and can yellow art quickly. Never store art in brown shipping tubes. If you have no alternative, be sure to wrap the entire outside of art with wax paper.
  • Use only acid-free matting!
  • Make certain your framer understands preservation framing. Originals on paper may require more extensive conservation framing than limited edition prints based on potential value.
  • Discuss glazing (glass) options with your framer. UV protective glass is recommended.
  • Never allow fine art to be permanently secured or mounted.
  • Never let glass come in direct contact with the surface of a piece of art. Use matting or spacers to keep the glass up.
  • Don't cut the paper or alter the original condition of artwork. Doing so may impact future value.


  • Hang your art in a room with weak daylight and illuminate it with incandescent lighting.
  • Keep your art away from radiators or other sources of heat. It is recommended that you not hang art on walls which contain flues.
  • If the humidity in your area exceeds 70%, air condition or dehumidify the room where your art is located. Extremely dry conditions such as below 30% relative humidity should be avoided as it may encourage brittleness.
  • Never hang art in direct sunlight. The sun's ultraviolet rays and fluorescent lighting are harmful to inks, paints and paper. Even indirect sunlight can damage art after years of exposure. Never spray glass cleaner directly onto framed art. Spray onto soft cloth and gently wipe. Paper towels and ammonia-based cleaners are not recommended