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Damaged Prints - Sold As-Is

Artwork purchased from this section of our website has slight damage within the image and some damage is only on the borders of the print. On all prints where damage is only on the borders, the damaged areas will not be visible once the artwork is framed. Any prints that have damage within the image, the damage will be slightly visible, if at all.

Due to the deep discounts on these prints, all artwork is sold as-is and no refunds will be given.

Please call us at (203) 927-4931 for specific questions and/or for further information.

Bibbs, Charles Patterns of Life - L/E - SOLD OUT 22" x 39.75" $39.95
Lester, Edwin Day One (The Beginning) - L/E - SOLD OUT
36.5" x 18"
Lester, Edwin Rekindle - L/E
14" x 34"
Lester, Edwin Tough To Swallow (Boy)
32" x 9"
Lester, Edwin You Are What You Eat (Hers)
14" x 20"
Lester, Edwin You Are What You Eat (His)
14" x 20"
Morrison, Frank Back Stage
38.25" x 6.5"
Young, Gilbert Woman In Red
29" x 40"

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